If you’re having trouble paying debts, this may be the most important message you ever read.
Because My Debt Help Australia would like to offer you one personal finance consultation for free.

“Live without the stress of debt”

My Debt Help are one of the pioneers in the Insolvency area and assisted in formulating the platforms of the Debt agreement programs. My Debt Help and its company principal Greg Burke have been involved in the financial / insolvency industry for 14 years and is one of the first two companies to utilise this Part IX Debt Agreement program.

Here’s how the process works

At your initial free consultation, you will discuss your situation with a personal finance mentor.

That mentor will do three things:

During your free consultation, your personal finance mentor will then run through the debt management options we have to help you – and help you develop a plan that suits your needs.

Having trouble paying off debt?

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The five debt solutions we can offer you

1. Debt Agreement

On your behalf, and with consultation with your creditors, we can apply for a government Part IX Debt Agreement. Once approved, your unsecured debts become legally frozen and the creditors concerned can no longer apply charges or interest or take any action against you. You, therefore, get to pay all your unsecured debts back via one easy payment. And it’s interest free. This is 100% legislated by the Federal Government.

2. Debt Consolidation Loans

We can work with your creditors to consolidate all your debts into one, easy-to-manage, loan. (Note: these type of loans are becoming more difficult to arrange.)

3. Personal Informal Agreement

We can help you negotiate with your creditors and create an affordable repayment program or we can negotiate with your creditors to try and freeze your interest payments until you get your debt payments under control.

4. Mortgage Refinancing

We may be able to help you find a more manageable mortgage so you don't lose your home.

5. Declaring Bankruptcy

Many “debt solution businesses” are quick to tell you how bad bankruptcy is. But there are some cases where it is the best, and sometimes only, option. We can guide you through the process of filing for bankruptcy as painlessly and affordably as possible.

Which of these options is right for you?

Many people facing the prospect of failing to pay their debts are faced with tough choices. Should they consolidate their debts? Should they refinance their mortgage? Should they declare bankruptcy?

At your initial free consultation, your personal finance mentor will try to help you decide the right option for you. There is no cost or obligation to make this call. You will be surprised what can be done to help you regain your lifestyle and free you from the cycle of debt.

The initial consultation is free, – but our services do have a fee, however,

  • There is no charge for your initial consultation. And there are no up-front fees.
  • Your fees to My Debt Help are built in to the weekly or fortnightly repayment amount.
  • Without an up-front fee, you can get started faster on your debt solution!
  • Only once you decide you like the course of action your personal finance mentor maps out for you… And only once you’re satisfied we can help you… Then there is a fee for each of the services.

Having trouble paying off debt?

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What our Clients Say

Thank you Greg for all your help, after the initial free consultation I began to feel better about my position, you have made my life so much easier and it was great to deal with your company, once again thank you.J.T. Warana QLD

I personally wish to thank Greg and staff for the proffesional work you have done for me in re - calculating my debth and liasing with my creditors. I know you see it as your job, but I see it as more, I was in a hopeless position and couldn’t cope with my debts, you managed my finances to the position that I am now debt free, I owe you more than gratitude, thank you for all you have done for me.P.O.R. TAS

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